The Accelerator Company for

European & Russian Startups

We support start-ups with resources, funding, systems  and community; and access to people who have done it before.
We find and nurture entrepreneurial talent and introduce them to successful investors.  


The Tcel Group are a Business Accelerator that helps small businesses to grow, through investment and mentoring.  And providing them the support, community and positive environment in the Tcel Entreprenuerial Centre House. 

Tcel are newly formed in Cyprus, but, forged from a few decades of relevant and impressive experience and backed by top performing Investors, Mentors and Corporate Partners.

“With over 40 years of International Business experience that cuts across technology, telecoms, financial services and retail, and spans Marketing, HR, Operations and IT, we are well placed to help small businesses launch successfully. 

From start-ups, to bluechips, to business recovery, our team have the consulting, coaching and mentoring competencies to help your business succeed.

Most of our Investors are based in Cyprus, but we also have investors from Qatar, London and Moscow. "

Eric McLean, Executive Lead. 

Dive into our site to find out more.      Or let's have an initial conversation.  It's never too late or too early to consider the Tcel Accelerator Program or one of the Tcel Investment vehicles.