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Standing Meeting

"Imagine TCEL as your interim COO who knows how to get things done in Cyprus in the most efficient way.
If you need something done we are your one-stop-shop for Business Solutions".

How do I know that TCEL Business Services is the right consulting agency for me?

We recommend that you try us first with your  most worrying problem.  And see how quickly we can return to you with a reasonable, cost effective and practical solution. 
From basic operational issues to strategic challenges, we will not disappoint.  

If there is something that we cannot do, we will tell you upfront and we have the connections to find an alternative solution.

How do you customize your services for niche companies?

We are a small, company where owners are 'hands-on'.  We are newly formed in Cyprus, but, forged from a few decades of relevant and impressive experience and backed by top performing Legal, Finance and Corporate Partners.

So the answer is, whatever we do is usually tailored for individual clients.  It is still cost effective, since we cut out all the time and effort required to figure it out alone.  


Our company is struggling in these turbulent markets and chaotic times. Can you help us transform and adapt?

Of course.  At the very least we can provide ideas, options, solutions and connections that will help you find your way. 
But TCEL is about 'Purpose' we understand Strategy, Markets, Finances, Operations, Digital and Organisation Development.  

And we have the connections in Cyprus and the UK to help you with almost anything


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