Logo Partial.png


Why T'CEL?  

Well apart from being easy to remember and type, T'sel or T'cel is the Russian word for 'purpose' and the right purpose gives a huge impetus to any business. 

Of course 'Cel' comes from AcCELerate, the latin word for speed is CELeritas . 
The sign for the speed of light is 'C' and of course 'T' is many things, including 'True' in logic, 'Temperature' in Physics, and 'Time' and 'Tera' are equally well known. 

So, whatever meaning you choose for 'T' there can be little argument that T'CEL suggests that our 'purpose is to get much done at speed'. 

A highly appropriate sentiment for Founders with passion and a new idea. 

So, at the moment, we are looking for the appropriate Logo to match the name.  Any suggestions?