'Join TCEL Community and work together for the Future' 

Stakeholders and Community

Community is the key to successful Startups

The complex world of today is about collaboration and working with others to achieve great things. 

No one has all the answers, all the expertise or all the knowledge to build the perfect scalable business. 

The TCEL community, has the energy of collaboration and support that is often missing from a Startup's early life.

Founders, Mentors and Investors working together are an unstoppable force. 

Founders - 'People who build the future'

Your Challenges: 

Getting Investment and getting to market.  Working alone or with insufficient tools or skills in some business functions. 

Founders, Co-founders, Partners, CEO's and Owners.  That's you.  And we understand that you come with many variations and different levels of requirements. 

TCEL philosophy is very simple. We don't treat you all the same. We listen, discuss and agree where you might appreciate help, where we may add value and where our effort would be best spent to help you grow.

We are inviting Founders from Europe and Russia.  Our immediate preference is for Tech, AI, Health and FinTech startups, however we are not restricted to any specific industry types and we will process applications on the basis of Founder's strengths, our compatibility and the viability of the idea. This means, if we believe we can help you bring a product to market successfully then there is a fair chance we will accept your application for BootCamp or one of our other programs.   

Our three month long BootCamp runs three times a year with an intake of around 15 startups each intake. 

TCEL is able to assist you to decide what investment you need and the best way to secure it.  We will also help you with the agreements and other legal documents.


Apply for the next BootCamp+ intake.  You are under no obligation. One of our team will be in touch for an informal discussion.