Below are short description of some of our courses and services for Startups.  

The core is of course BootCamp+ where the majority of product progress is made, however, we have created a few other opportunities to help you think through your ideas and how to move your imagination closer to reality.

These other programs are also a way for you to connect with us and get a feel for who we are and how we can help you. 

When you decide to join us, one of our agents will give you much more detail and make recommendations based on your current needs.

All our programs are flexible, practical, mentor guided and relaxed.  



When we first chat to you and realise that you need help fleshing out the concept.  We can take you through a simple process to help get you headed in the right direction for you.  



A short introduction to Vision, Mission, Goals, Values, Purpose, Execution and Performance.  With specific case studies around some successful Startups. 

This process helps focus your mind. 



Not everyone has the luxury to be able to relocate to another country for 3 months.  So we run Cloud Camp in parallel with BootCamp+. 
CloudCamp is an online virtual BootCamp.
You will be able listen in to all trainings and talks, participate in discussions, and attend your own virtual Presentations days.
You will also have have access to our Expert Mentors Lab.   



Whether you are a brilliant technical founder or an experienced business founder, we can help you find a co-pilot. 
A start-up is easier with the right co-pilot




This is what TCEL are about.  Three months residence at our Accelerator in Cyprus. 
This high energy, collaborative learning and practice environment will accelerate your startup development. 
BootCamp+ will give you the support, help, confidence and opportunity to take your product further and faster.    



This is a program that covers funding and scaling. As with all TCEL programs it is a mix of theory, case study and actually doing the work supported by mentors.