It's a special day in hell to be inside doing presentations during the Cyprus summer. But we love it.   

If the key, the 'secret sauce', to the success of any boot camp, is community, collaboration and commitment...

Then the Demonstration and Presentation days have a special place as a proud energetic release of all the hard work, the hopes and fears and the progress of three intense months. 

This is an opportunity to showcase your product and face feedback that might indicate the potential trajectory of your company. 

Impress the TCEL Investor Community and the rest as they say, is likely history.   In other words, you are on your way. 

You will be stretched, flexible and match fit when you finally arrive at Presentation Day. 

Physically and mentally you be ready for the ultimate and last founder challenge before your business takes off. 


Our Demo Days are the opportunity to tune your approach in front of friends.

Demo Days are a preparation for The Presentation Days in Front of Investors