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There are so many positives to describe Cyprus.  From the weather to the cuisine, from the people to the culture and from the economy to the business environment.  The Cyprus lifestyle compares very well with the rest of Europe. 
Cyprus is a safe and welcoming place for individuals, tourists, family and businesses.    


About Cyprus as a Business Destination 

Cyprus is an island well situated in the eastern Mediterranean with convenient access to Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.  It's within easy reach of the major markets in these regions, such as France, Germany, Spain, UAE, China, Russia and further away Asia and India. In fact, Cyprus as the one of the most eastern parts of the EU is remarkable 'central' to the global economy.

Cyprus is a modern, westernised, democratic country, and yet it has close links to the east and the Middle East.  It has a friendly business culture, backed by increasingly progressive Government policies and regulation. 

The legal system is based on and very close to the United Kingdom legal system, with most business laws and regulations based on English law and translated accordingly.  Company and contract law will be familiar to anyone who has business in the UK. 

The capital city is Lefkosia (Nicosia).  There are two major international airports.  The economy is predominately around services, Fintech, Tourism, FX, Shipping and Real Estate.  Recent oil and gas discoveries of the last few years positions Cyprus to become one of the wealthiest EU countries per head of population.

Any company registering in Cyprus, is an EU company, enjoying a number of trade advantages with other member states.  They also enjoy preferential corporate and individual tax rates, one of the lowest in the EU. 





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